6 Reasons Why Winter is a Great Time to Think About Your Fence

Winter is often the last season anyone would consider installing a new fence. As the temperature drops, and the air gets colder, the focus is no longer on the outdoors. People spend a lot less time in their yards and aren’t thinking about outside home projects. These important tasks tend to linger. Most homeowners wait […]

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vinyl fence

All About Vinyl Fencing For Your Fairfax, VA Home

DMV Fences The fencing options are nearly limitless for homeowners throughout Northern Virginia, sometimes making it hard to choose between a vinyl fence, a composite fence or even a wooden privacy fence. Vinyl fencing offers some advantages over the other types of fencing, making it a wise choice for many Fairfax, VA homeowners. Washington, DC and Northern […]

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Turn Your Northern Virginia Patio Into A Private Paradise With Container Gardening

The hectic day-to-day life that many struggle with in the Washington DC area makes coming home for peace and quiet even that much more important. Turning your patio into a plush, garden paradise is one way to take your evening escape a bit further. Even though you may not have the desire to plant a […]

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patio furniture

Tips On Choosing The Right Patio Furniture For Your Alexandria, VA Home

You spend hours designing the perfect patio for your Northern Virginia home, but what about the patio furniture you will spend hours using? Use these patio furniture tips to find the perfect patio furniture for your outdoor use and never again have to think “I wish I had known” after you make a patio furniture […]

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Choosing the Right Maintenance-free Fence For Your Northern Virginia Home

With so many quality maintenance-free fence options available to Northern Virginia homeowners, many are left somewhat confused about what type of fence is best for their needs. Choosing the right fence can be the difference between aesthetically pleasing and simply “it’s a fence.” If you just want “a fence” then you probably are not concerned about […]

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chain link fence

Create a Beautiful Chain Link Fence Around Your Northern Virginia Property

Chain link fences provide the essential needs of a fence for your Aldie, VA home, but they are not always the most aesthetically pleasing fence option. But with a little work and some green thumb action, your chain link fence can serve as a beautiful surround, rather than a utilitarian piece of hardware on your […]

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Types of Wood Used to Build Fencing on Your Centreville, VA Property

The fence around your home can transform any outdoor area and enhance the overall style and décor of your Northern Virginia home. The type of wood you choose to construct your fence is as important as the height or the style of the fence. Consider using any of these materials suitable when building a wood fence […]

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Chain Link Fence FAQs for Northern Virginia Residents

Homeowners are often put-off by the idea of chain link fencing for their property, typically because they are unfamiliar with the materials and design used. The practical purpose of most fences is the same – to keep people and animals in or out of the yard, it’s only the material and design that really changes. […]

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Commonly Asked Questions About Vinyl Fences From Arlington, VA Homeowners

When people throughout the Northern Virginia area, including Arlington, VA, think about fences for their property, most automatically think of wood or chain link fences based on previous experience and tradition. But, when considering the additional options available in today’s market, these homeowners may change their opinion. One of the newest types of fence is […]

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Tips On Keeping Your Arlington, VA Vinyl Fence Clean

Vinyl fencing is a relatively new idea to many property owners in the Arlington, VA and Northern Virginia area. Which means many are faced with questions regarding its care and maintenance. Rather than guessing and getting it wrong, here are some tips for keeping your vinyl fence clean and keep it looking new longer. Tips: […]

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